WWE Considering Move Into Boxing

WWE Considering Move Into Boxing

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Speaking at the 6th annual Wells Fargo TMT Summit, WWE co-CEO Stephanie McMahon revealed that the wrestling promotion is considering getting into boxing.

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Business Insider reported that McMahon was participating in a panel discussion when she revealed her company’s possible new direction. Boxing, according to McMahon, is difficult for fans to follow. World titles are all over the place, and it’s hard to keep track of who is the true champion of given weight divisions.

“Who’s the lineal champion? Who’s the WBC champion?” McMahon asked rhetorically before going on to say, “It’s kind of like it’s all over the place.”

McMahon hinted that boxing is just one of several sports her company may get into next, stating that regardless of the sport, it would need to line up with what the WWE is capable of. According to the 46-year-old executive, boxing’s fractured nature could benefit from the same organization her father Vince McMahon imposed on pro wrestling.

The elder McMahon, in his daughter’s words, “had the opportunity to roll up all of those different territories and create one major brand in WWE that is now gone from a regional, territorial content play to a global media franchise.”

Stephanie McMahon says this might be a good time to reproduce that approach with boxing.

All the combat sports have featured special crossover events, with boxers taking on mixed martial arts pros and MMA champs stepping into the wrestling ring. But McMahon was discussing something more long term and official. What isn’t clear at the moment is when the WWE might make its move.

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