What Is Tesla Dog Mode and How Does It Work?

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Tesla is known as one of the most innovative companies ever, and this extends to the awesome features in its cars. Dog owners know the dilemma of being forced to leave their dogs in a car for a short while.

You’re constantly worried about your dog’s well-being while you’re gone. This is especially true when the weather gets hot, which is why Tesla’s Dog Mode is such a great idea. Dog Mode doesn’t mean you can leave your dog unattended for a long time, but it’s definitely a great tool for dog owners.

What Is Dog Mode?

Tesla’s Dog Mode is a climate control setting that allows the driver to keep the vehicle’s interior temperature in a comfortable range while the vehicle is in park.

This allows the driver to leave the vehicle for a short amount of time while their four-legged friend is safely sitting inside the cabin. The great thing about Tesla’s Dog Mode is that you can monitor the cabin’s interior temperature via the mobile app.

It’s even possible to check up on your dog via a cabin-mounted camera that you can check from your phone, so you can make sure your dog is okay even if you’re far away from the vehicle.

Dog Mode also displays a message on the central touchscreen which tells passersby that the interior temperature of the vehicle is safe and that the dog’s owner will be back soon. Dog Mode is a definite must-have for dog owners.

Rivian also offers a similar feature on the awesome R1T, so if you’re in the market for an electric vehicle, you’re not just limited to Tesla if you’re looking for dog-friendly functionality.

How Does Dog Mode Work?

Dog Mode is super straightforward—all you have to do is activate it via the climate control menu. To gain access to Dog Mode, you press the fan control to access more information and then toggle Dog on the menu. Once in Dog Mode, the vehicle will remain at a comfortable temperature in order to maintain your pet safe.

You can also monitor the vehicle, and your pet, from the mobile app while you’re away. Dog Mode is one of the handiest tools an automobile maker has ever come up with, and it will make countless dogs’ lives safer.

How Did Dog Mode Originate?

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The funny thing is that Dog Mode wasn’t Tesla’s idea. In a demonstration of how revolutionary social media has become in having your voice heard, the origins of Dog Mode actually come from Twitter.

A Twitter user asked if Elon Musk could implement a dog mode for Model 3, and pretty much outlined in the tweet exactly what Dog Mode would go on to become. Musk simply replied, “Yes.” Thus, Dog Mode was born.

You can say what you want about Elon Musk, but try reaching out to another company’s CEO and getting results this immediately. Not easy. In fact, try to contact Facebook for help on pretty much anything, it’s not happening. For this constant open interaction with customers, Musk must be commended.

Features like Dog Mode demonstrate the great benefits of having a software-intensive company designing vehicles.

New features can be added to your vehicle over the air, without ever having to step foot inside a dealer, or trading your car in for a new one.

Dog Mode Is Sure to Sway a Lot of Dog Owners Towards Tesla

Dog owners are a very passionate group of people, and features that cater specifically toward their canine friends are sure to convince many of them to buy a Tesla over the competition.

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