What Is MPB and Is It Worth Using for Photographers?

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As you become more advanced as a photographer, you’ll want to upgrade your equipment slowly. But as you’ll quickly learn, purchasing new photography gear can get expensive.

If you wish to reduce your costs, buying second-hand camera bodies and lenses is a good idea. You’ll find plenty of places to purchase used photography gear online, but MPB is one of the best.

So, what exactly is MPB? Is it worth using when you’re ready to upgrade what you capture your images with? We’ll answer both of those questions in this article.

What Is MPB?

MPB is an equipment reseller that has been around since 2011. The company has three main offices; one is in Brighton, England, and the other two are in New York City and the German capital Berlin.

MPB sells hundreds of thousands of cameras, lenses, and other photography and videography equipment each year.

Where in the World Can You Use MPB?

As you might have guessed from its office locations, MPB’s main markets are the UK and the EU. If you live in an EU country, you can use the Euro as the currency for purchasing your equipment.

At the time of writing in December 2022, MPB doesn’t support payments in currencies for non-Eurozone countries still part of the EU—such as the Swedish Krona. You’ll also need to ensure that your bank allows international payments.

While neither Norway nor Iceland is in the EU, they are in the European Economic Area (EEA). MPB ships to both of those countries.

If you’re a user based in the UK, you can use the British Pound to pay for your items. MPB also delivers to the US, and you can use the US Dollar to buy your equipment.

The Pros of Using MPB to Buy Photography Equipment

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of using the service. We’ll start with why you should consider buying second-hand photography gear from MPB.

1. A Wide Range of Photography Equipment

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Do you use any of the major camera manufacturers, such as FujiFilm? If so, there’s a good chance you’ll find the equipment you’re looking for. MPB has a wide range of DSLR and mirrorless cameras from brands such as Nikon, Leica, and Olympus.

Regardless of your camera body choice, you should also have few—if any—issues finding a compatible lens. You can pick from several prime and zoom lenses, allowing you to pick something that fits your photography style.

You’ll also find all kinds of accessories when looking for second-hand stuff on MPB. For example, you can get a tripod if you want to try photography with a slow shutter speed. On top of that, you can also get batteries, studio lighting, and more.

2. Your Delivery Is Insured

You’ll most likely receive your photography equipment from MPB without any problems. But sometimes, things go wrong when items are getting delivered from a company’s warehouse to the end user. The good news is that if you purchase photography gear from MPB, your delivery is insured.

Delivery is insured regardless of whether you’re buying from within the US, the EU, or the UK. One thing worth noting is that if you sell your equipment to MPB, only the items in your quote are insured. With that in mind, the company recommends only sending things that you said you would.

3. Buying With MPB Is More Sustainable

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If you’ve ever upgraded your equipment in the past, you’ll know just how fun getting a new camera body or lens is. However, one problem with getting your items brand-new is that it also causes a lot of waste. The manufacturer also has to make more of the same model, which ups their carbon footprint.

Photographers can do a lot of things to take photos more sustainably. Buying second-hand equipment is one of them, and the chances of MPB having the equipment you’re looking for is high. And when you sell your used cameras and lenses through MPB, you’ll also reduce the clutter in your house—while giving someone else the gift of taking photos.

4. Buying From MPB Is Less Expensive

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Knowing that you’re reducing waste is nice, but saving a bit of money also isn’t too bad. Camera bodies and lenses are notoriously pricey when you get them brand-new; some lenses can cost more than the camera body itself. To get these, you’ll either need to save up for longer or spend more money than is necessary if you have the budget.

MPB has different categories for the condition of items that it sells. If you get items in excellent condition, you probably won’t notice the difference between the second-hand piece and something brand-new. At most, you’ll see some cosmetic damage—but the items won’t work any differently.

The Cons of Using MPB to Buy Photography Equipment

While many photographers have a positive experience with MPB, it’s worth keeping in mind a couple of drawbacks that you might encounter. Let’s look at two of the main ones below.

1. You Might Struggle to Find Third-Party Lenses From the Brand You Want to Use

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If you shop for second-hand photography equipment on the MPB website, you’ll find plenty of lenses and cameras for each manufacturer. And if you want to get a third-party lens, you can choose from a wide selection produced by Samyang.

One manufacturer that you’ll struggle to find, however, is Viltrox. You’ll need to look elsewhere to get those particular lenses, but that shouldn’t be a major issue for many users.

2. MPB Isn’t Available Everywhere

Across its markets, hundreds of millions of people have access to MPB’s equipment. But things will be a little difficult if you’re not in the UK, US, EU, or EEA.

If you buy from MPB, and you’re not located in one of the markets that it serves, you might not be able to get what you bought. So, you may need to look for a local reseller instead; Amazon or eBay could also be potential alternatives.

MPB: A Great Place to Upgrade Your Photography Gear

MPB is an excellent place to get your new equipment if you’re looking to upgrade your camera bag. Its pricing is affordable compared to getting the items brand-new, and you’ll also benefit from insured delivery.

MPB’s customer support team is also helpful, and you can find a huge range of photography gear to buy and sell. If you live in one of the countries the company ships to, we recommend trying it.

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