What Is It and What Can It Do for Your Tesla?

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Whether your vehicle is having a problem or just needs routine maintenance, it can be inconvenient to go to the dealership. Tesla’s solution? Send the tech to you.

While mobile service is not unique to Tesla—many dealers in busy urban areas with limited parking have been using mobile service for years—the company is in a unique position as a direct-to-consumer automotive manufacturer.

Whether you own a Tesla or not, here’s what you need to know about mobile service.

What Is Tesla Mobile Service Support?

It starts in the app, where you describe whatever you’d like the technician to address. If your vehicle has a problem, it’s important to be as specific as possible; after all, they must prepare proper diagnostic and repair tools before heading to your Tesla’s location.

It’s that simple. You tell Tesla what’s wrong. Tesla tells you when a trained technician can arrive at your home or place of work.

In conjunction with roadside assistance service for EVs, mobile service potentially offers a new level of confidence and convenience. Knowing that a factory-trained tech will be working on your vehicle is reassuring. Having them come to your house is amazing.

What Can (and Can’t) Tesla Mobile Service Repair?

While there are certain EV components you can service yourself, others are beyond the scope of the layperson.

Some repairs are difficult to perform outside a service facility because they require machinery that’s difficult to transport. For example, an accident that damaged the vehicle’s frame would not be a good candidate for mobile service.

Windshield replacement, on the other hand, is easy to perform onsite. Camera calibration, light suspension work, minor accident damage such as broken lights, tire rotations—all of these are no problem for a skilled tech to tackle in your driveway.

Image Credit: Tesla Motors Club

It might seem ironic that having a car on jacks in your driveway—a phenomenon that used to belong solely to the purview of “backyard” mechanics—is now a luxury experience. But given that customer expectations are changing, mobile service might become more common.

How Does Tesla Mobile Service Support Work?

Unlike bringing your car to the dealership, mobile service requires some preparation on your part. First, you must share all the information necessary to locate and access your vehicle. This could be pretty straightforward if it’s outside your house or more complicated if you live in a gated community and won’t be home at the time.

If the weather isn’t kind, you’ll need to provide a safe working environment, such as a garage or overhead enclosure. After all, no technician should have to work in the pouring rain or blistering heat. And because technicians are human beings, access to a bathroom is another requirement.

Tesla personnel in a Tesla shop

While it should go without saying, treating the tech with respect is another requirement. In the typical dealership service model, technicians are “shielded” from angry customers by a service advisor whose job involves defusing any problems.

Tesla expressly states on the Tesla support page that it won’t tolerate abusive tantrums.

“To ensure a safe and healthy work environment for Tesla personnel, we reserve the right in its discretion to remove access to Mobile Service for any customer whose behavior or conduct causes our personnel to feel abused, threatened, discriminated against, attacked or unsafe in any way.”

Once the repair is complete, you’ll receive a notification and can pay through the app. With that, your Tesla service is signed, sealed, and delivered.

Is Tesla Mobile Service the Future of Service?

With over-the-air updates, autonomous driving technology, and other advances afoot, it’s difficult to predict the future of automotive service. Anything that makes people’s lives easier and provides more transparency is sure to gain traction.

Mobile service combined with data connectivity will likely mean that not only Tesla owners but everyone will enjoy more convenient repairs in the future.

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