Katharine McPhee’s Husband David Foster Loves Fatherhood at 72

Katharine McPhee’s Husband David Foster Loves Fatherhood at 72 – SheKnows

David Foster may have already been a dad of 5, but with the birth of his son giving him an opportunity to experience fatherhood again in his 70s, he’s marveling at how “different” becoming a dad this time around has been.

Foster, 72, and his wife, singer and actress Katharine McPhee, 38, welcomed their first child together, Rennie, 20 months, in early 2021. The music producer admitted to People that having a baby in his 70s was “not something” he thought would happen, but also said, “I haven’t regretted a single day of it.”

He explained further, “I’ve loved every single day. It’s the standard thing of like, ‘Oh, well you were so young when you had your children and you were working day and night, you never saw them.’ And there is some truth to that, sadly, for my [older] kids. I was just working a lot.” Foster shared the difference in his current perspective, saying, “Even though I’m working a lot now, I’ll cancel anything just to hang with him. It’s just different.”

Foster has five daughters, Allison, 52, Amy, 49, Sara, 41, Erin, 40, and Jordan, 36, from four previous marriages. For McPhee, Rennie is her first and only child, and her union with Foster is her second marriage.

Both McPhee and Foster admit that they’re “an unconventional couple,” with a 34-year difference between them, but Foster explained, “It just looked and felt normal.” He continued, “It was, of course, kind of odd in the beginning. But I think we’re over that hump now with five years of being together, and hopefully people just start looking like we belong together because we feel like we do.”

McPhee added, “Even if they don’t, we don’t care. We just love our history, how we met and where we are now. Sometimes we look at each other like, ‘This is so wild that we’re together.’”

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The pair met in 2006 when McPhee was a contestant on American Idol and Foster served as a mentor for her and other competitors on the show. They “stayed friends through all these years” and became romantically involved in 2017, making their first public debut as a couple at the 2018 Met Gala. A few months later, Foster popped the question, and in June 2019, the pair wed.

The couple’s happiness is palpable, with Foster sharing, “I love that we can do everything together. We really do like being together,” and McPhee adding, “He just said that to me the other night: ‘We have so much fun together.’ It feels like we’ve been together 10 years — in a great way.”

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