Is It Bad to Stand Your PS5 Up Vertically?

A DualSense controller leaning against PS5 console and pink and purple lighting

The PlayStation 5 is well known for its ability to be stored either lying down or in an upright position. Both methods are featured in many of the PS5’s advertising campaigns. If anything, the PS5 is most often shown standing vertically in Sony’s advertising for the console.

More information has come to light, however, which might make PS5 users second guess if they should be storing their PlayStation 5 console in the upright position for too long. This issue is said to affect the liquid metal used inside the PS5 as part of its cooling mechanisms.

Is It Safe to Store My PS5 Standing Up?

After the PS5’s release in 2020, many gamers have been happily storing their consoles upright with no inclination that it may be harming their systems. Several reports indicate, however, that storing the PS5 standing up might not be as safe as gamers originally thought.

Ben Montana, the owner of specialty repair shop ILoveMyConsole, took to Twitter, citing his theory that standing the PS5 upright can cause issues regarding the liquid metal used to assist in cooling the system.

Ben Montana supported his claims with photographs that do indeed seem to indicate that some damage to that particular system had been sustained due to liquid metal spilling or pooling in one place inside the PS5 while it was standing up.

Montana also upholds the fact that the case pictured is not isolated, claiming that he has serviced a large number of consoles that have been affected by this type of damage.

Popular YouTuber TheCod3r has also experienced the same type of issues caused by the liquid metal shifting inside his PS5 console and believes that the blame lies with Sony as the damage was a result of a critical design flaw.

The PS5 doesn’t employ a conventional thermal pad or high-end thermal paste to assist in cooling. Rather, it uses a liquid metal. This liquid metal is an alloy created with metals like gallium and indium that remains in a liquid state even at room temperature.

This liquid metal compound is extremely efficient at cooling and is stored inside a small pocket within the PS5 that is responsible for keeping the accelerated processing unit at a cool and stable temperature. The topic of whether liquid metal or thermal paste is the better cooling option is a hot debate. Liquid metal is very effective in the transfer of heat, but it does have its flaws. Particularly in this case, the fact that it is liquid.

What Happens When You Store Your PS5 Standing Up?

Unfortunately, the laws of gravity still apply to our precious PS5s, and standing the console upright can cause the liquid metal to pool in one spot. In some severe cases, the seal containing the liquid metal can become compromised, allowing the fluid to spill out and cause significant damage to the console’s components.

The liquid metal used within the PS5 console is conductive. And having anything conductive making contact with something it shouldn’t within the system can result in it shorting out. If that happens, your PS5 could sustain significant damage.

Liquid metal seeping out into your PS5 system, although possible, seems like it is the worst-case scenario. But even having the liquid metal pool in one place rather than being evenly spread throughout its applied area can decrease the accuracy of the cooling mechanism and could lead to your console being more prone to overheating.

Storing Your Console Horizontally Might Be the Best Option

While this is some rather concerning news, particularly for those who may have purchased their PS5 consoles on launch and have been standing them upright since then, Sony has yet to respond to the issue.

Whether standing your PS5 in the upright position is damaging to the PS5 or not has yet to be confirmed by Sony. But, if the solution to preventing this issue is simply laying the console down, it’s probably worthwhile to just store it that way.

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