First ride: Lunaz Upcycled Electric Vehicle bin lorry

First ride: Lunaz Upcycled Electric Vehicle bin lorry

The whole upcycle process takes around 11 days.

What’s an electric bin lorry like inside?

As with its classic cars, the Lunaz upcycling process goes beyond simply fitting an electric powertrain. There are extensive updates to the vehicle interior and technology. While the basic four-seat cabin and layout of the Econic remains, the seats are reupholstered in a new hard-wearing fabric, which also offers extra space for the two elevated middle seats (apparently by far the last popular with waste collectors.

Bright yellow seatbelts are designed to be easier to find and use during a busy route, while in a bonus on cold, winter days the seats are heated (in part because that’s more efficient than using a heater in an EV).

The dashboard has also been reworked, with the addition to two 10in screens – one to show the extra cameras now fitted around the machine, the other giving access to an infotainment system that is compatible with Apple CarPlay. The vents have been reworked, new hard-wearing buttons have been fitted for the heating systems, and the surface has been strengthened on the realisation waste collectors will use it as a footrest. 

There’s another extra bonus too: more cupholders. The original Econic only featured two, which could apparently make for some awkward arguments among four-strong collection teams. There are now five, so there’s even a spare.

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The driving layout has also been reworked, with most of the key controls shifted to the right of the drive, so they can be operated by taking just one hand off the wheel. The sensors and rear camera also mean that the driver no longer needs a spotter behind the van to check if it’s clear before sets the lift into action.

Another change: as standard, Lunaz fits digital rear-view mirrors. That’s not just for technology: wing mirrors are apparently a frequent casualty given big bin lorries have to negotiate tight city streets.

Oh, and the rubbish compactor itself doesn’t miss out on some upgrades. There are new 550 Grade Ardox wear plates, upgraded bushes and a new blade compactor to stop debris getting past the blade. Lunaz has also added rodent-resistant wiring harnesses: rats quite like hiding in bin lorries, apparently, and can cause plenty of issues chewing through wires.

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