13 of Best TV Rewatch Podcasts

13 of Best TV Rewatch Podcasts

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar (aka Zack Morris) hasn’t watched Saved by the Bell since it ended in 1993, and hasn’t seen some of the episodes he starred in at all. For Zack to the Future, he jumps on the mic with Dashiell Driscoss, who wrote for the SBTB series reboot and was behind the Funny or Die series “Zack Morris is Trash” to blow through the show episode by episode. Mark-Paul remembers almost nothing about his time playing Zack, so it’s hilarious to have him discover it kind of for the first time. Classic cast members join to reminisce about all the drama of their awkward teenage years, both on and off screen. Hardcore SBTB fans will learn secrets about personal relationships, what it was like going to school while being a hit TV star in the ‘90s, and try to make sense of the outlandish storylines, which seemed comical then and absolutely outrageous now. Like, why was Principal Belding always in Zack’s room? Nobody knows. But let’s talk about it anyway.

And if you can’t get enough SBTB, comedian April Rich’s rewatch pod Go Bayside! reviews the entire series from the point-of-view of a die-hard fan (who still recognizes that the show was absolutely ridiculous).

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