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If you’re on the hunt for the perfect baby name, you’ve likely seen so. many. lists. From modern and trendy baby names (“coastal grandmother” or “Barbiecore” baby names, anyone?) to old-fashioned baby names; all-American baby names to superhero baby names, and nearly everything in between. Frankly, the options can be overwhelming. But have you considered short-and-sweet baby names?

These little monikers, with just three or four letters and one or two syllables, may seem simple, but you can’t deny they can make a big impact. Not only do they pair beautifully with most middle and last names, but they also stand out among the longer names that have been in fashion lately. And hey, thinking ahead: These simple names will be easy for your child to learn to spell!

We scoured recent popular names in the United States from the lists released by the Social Security Administration, and think these single- or two-syllable names might just be perfect. Just like your baby, good things do come in small packages — so which one will you choose for your little bundle of joy?

Simple & Sweet Boy Names

Simple and Sweet Baby Names: Cash
flower wreaths: Tartila/AdobeStock.

Fourteen percent of the 500 most-popular baby boy names consist of a single syllable. Try out these one-syllable gems with middle names of varying length — for example, John Alexander vs. John James or Cole Sebastian vs. Cole Tate. The short, sweet boy names listed here include both traditional and trendy monikers.

Sweet and Simple Girl Names

Simple and sweet baby names: Sage

Simple and sweet baby names: Sage
flower wreaths: Tartila/AdobeStock

One-syllable names are far less common for girls, which is an especially good thing if you’re looking for something unique! Among recent 500 most-popular baby girl names, a mere 5 percent are single-syllable. Apparently, simple girl names are more often reserved for the middle moniker. Test out the sound of these popular baby names with your last name and with various middles.

Of course, single-syllable names aren’t your only option. It’s easy to fall in love with one of these sweet little names — just three letters each.

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